Her home state of Ohio only allows medical use. “It makes food taste better to me,” she said, “and there’s less drama with people using weed than people using alcohol.” People are relaxed when they use cannabis, Ms. Smith said. With alcohol, they are “more likely to go overboard and not realize it.” Maxine Fensom, who organized Ms. Hunter’s birthday outing, created her cannabis-themed tour company in Las Vegas last year when her other sources of income dried up during the pandemic. The two-and-a-half-hour tours run daily and cost $150 per person. Private group tours that include a helicopter ride (“to get really high,” quips Ms. Fensom) cost $375 person and last about three and a half hours. All participants must be 21 or older. She said she has hosted more than 1,000 tourists already. Las Vegas has the potential to become “the new Amsterdam,” she said, especially now that cannabis consumption lounges (like bars, but specifically for cannabis) are coming to the city . Opinion among travelers is split. Among those who have traveled in the last six months, about 12 percent said cannabis legalization had a positive impact on their travel and about five percent said it had a negative impact on their travel, according to a survey of 8,400 people by Branded Research , a market research firm. Some cannabis companies are betting on future tourists. In Florida, which currently only allows medical marijuana use, the cannabis company Trulieve has already opened dispensaries two to three times the typical size near “key tourist attractions” in Orlando, Daytona and Key West, according to the company, in anticipation of future recreational use approval. Cannabis consumption rules vary by state where the substance is legal, and those rules can be confusing. Smoking in public is generally prohibited. It is illegal to possess cannabis on federal land such as national parks, and it can’t be legally transported across state lines.


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Getting too caught up in the ebbs and flows of the indices tends to distract investors from their overall goal - generating long-term alpha by identifying businesses with innovative products and services. For example, semiconductor stocks are a great place to look for buying opportunities on market weakness given all of the secular growth drivers that are creating opportunities for the best companies in the industry. Advanced Micro Devices  ( AMD ) - Get Report  is one chip stock that really stands out, as there are plenty of catalysts specific to its business that could help the stock rally in the coming months. With substantial demand for AMD’s computer chips expected to deliver strong annual sales growth this year, a fantastic opportunity to take market share away from a rival, and a potentially groundbreaking acquisition on the horizon, there’s a good chance this stock is headed for $100 a share sooner than the current market action would lead you to believe. Let’s take a deeper look at why AMD stock could be on its way toward passing the century mark in the coming months. Explosive Growth Across All Business Segments When you consider all of the different forms of technology that rely on AMD’s high-powered chips, it’s easy to recognize the opportunity here. We live in an increasingly tech-centric world, which means that the need for devices such as computers, consumer electronics and data centers is increasing at an astounding pace. AMD designs the microprocessors that power these devices, and the company is experiencing explosive growth across all of its major you can look here business segments at this time. The company’s central processing units are essentially the brain of a computer and are seeing heavy demand thanks to data center growth and a red hot PC market. AMD’s graphics processing units are used to increase the speed of rendering images and improve image resolution and color definition. With high growth end markets like video games and machine learning, this is another area of AMD’s business with clear upside. For confirmation that this is a business firing on all cylinders, look no further than the company’s massive first-quarter earnings beat, as AMD’s revenue improved by 93% year over year to reach $3.45 billion. This top-line growth was driven by higher revenue in computing and graphics and enterprise, embedded and semi-custom segments, which tells us that the company’s Ryzen, Radeon and EPYC processors are flying off the shelves. Given that AMD boosted its forward guidance after the first quarter and now anticipates 50% annual sales growth vs. the previously anticipated 37%, the strong earnings momentum here should play a big part in helping the stock outperform going forward. A few years back, it was hard to envision a scrappy chipmaker like AMD taking significant market share from a tech powerhouse like Intel  ( INTC ) - Get Report . However, thanks to a delay in the production of Intel’s newest generation of chips and incredibly strong data center sales in wake of the pandemic, AMD is gaining significant market share from its competitor and should continue to do so going forward. AMD competes with Intel to supply data center chips, which are in high demand across the cloud and enterprise markets with so many companies moving forward with their digital transformations. The key difference between Intel and AMD here is that Intel handles the manufacturing of its chips in-house, while AMD operates with a fabless model.