Interim Police Chief for Woodland Park, Steve Hasler. Interim Woodland Park police chief sworn in; city addresses previous sexual harassment allegations against his former department Interim Police Chief for Woodland Park, Steve Hasler.(Photos provided by the City of Woodland Park) Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 4:42 PM MDT|Updated: 8 hours ago WOODLAND PARK, Colo. (KKTV) - Woodland Park has a new interim police chief as an investigation continues into his predecessor. On Monday, Steve Hasler was sworn in as the interim chief for Woodland Park during a special city council meeting with more than 40 years of service in law enforcement. The previous chief, Miles DeYoung, retired earlier this month as a criminal investigation by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation continues surrounding the department. While the CBI isn’t sharing details on their investigation, a third party consultant was hired recently to conduct its own investigation connected to workplace conduct. The consultant’s report concluded “the state of the police department is dire and can only be improved with DeYoung’s termination .” City officials are also addressing a previous news article on involving Hasler published back in 2012 concerning claims of sexual harassment at the Lone Tree Police Department. “In 2012, when the article was published, Steve Hasler was the Chief of Police for the City of Lone Tree,” part of a news release from Public Information Specialist for Woodland Park Grace Johnson reads. “The article details accusations from a handful of employees of the Lone Tree Police Department against the department itself. The publisher of the article never published a follow up, and further research shows that statements made in the article were never substantiated.” City officials believe Hasler has demonstrated integrity throughout his career. During his 40 years in law enforcement, Chief Hasler served as a chief of police in Colorado cities for 24 of those years. Most recently, Hasler was the chief of police for the Town of Elizabeth before retiring in 2020. He helped build the police department for the City of Lone Tree. “We have conducted thorough research of our own, and can confirm that allegations made in the article are simply untrue,” said City Manager Michael Lawson. The CBI investigation is ongoing and is also being conducted in part by the Teller County Sheriff’s Office. “We are confident that Interim Chief Hasler will bring strength and stability to our police department while we search for a permanent chief,” adds Lawson. “Steve’s many successes are a direct reflection of his dedication, excellent leadership skills and commitment to community.” Hasler comes highly recommended by The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police, according to the news release. “I am so blessed and excited to be asked to lead the Woodland Park Police Department as their Interim Chief until the national search for a new chief is concluded,” said Hasler.


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