Senators Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky (IL-09) in support to eliminate traffic deaths. With traffic deaths on the rise, the resolution expresses a commitment to advancing policies to end roadway fatalities by 2050 and supports efforts to address transportation safety disparities and inequities. “We must act to prevent crashes that tragically take far too many Americans’ lives each day,” said Senator Blumenthal. “By committing to enact proven, commonsense road safety policies, this resolution charts the course to reduce traffic deaths to zero by 2050. I am proud to pledge my support for this important lifesaving effort with Congresswoman Schakowsky and making our roads safer for every pedestrian, biker, and driver across the country.” Studies show traffic incident risks have much higher pedestrian fatality deaths among older adults, people of color and people walking in low-income communities with fewer sidewalks, crosswalks and a lack of safe street design. A 2018 report from the RAND Corporation found that the U.S. can reach its goal of zero traffic deaths by 2050 through prioritizing safety and implementing proven policies and strategies. “Our country is in the midst of an auto safety crisis, one that we have the power to stop in its tracks,” said Rep. Schakowsky. “Tens of thousands of lives are lost on our roadways each year. Enough is enough. We must commit to ending these unnecessary deaths and injuries by 2050. This resolution makes that commitment and calls on the Department of Transportation to use the tools at its disposal to prioritize transportation safety. All road users—drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists—deserve to be safe on our nation’s roads.” Americans drove less in 2020 due to the pandemic.


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Given that 44% of Americans of all ages have not had a single dose, cases in the United States are likely to rocket upwards. States like Mississippi and Louisiana, where about three in five people are entirely unvaccinated, risk being struck by sudden and severe outbreaks. The economic consequences of this will depend on how policymakers and consumers react. So far Los Angeles has brought back its mask mandate and New Orleans says it is studying new restrictions. Even if vaccines allow policymakers to avoid the return to strict measures, consumers may be too anxious to visit bars and restaurants. In Britain measures of mobility are down only slightly since June, but the experiment is still new. Exponential growth means that things can change fast. The risk from Delta is more troubling than the other issues facing America’s recovery; that supply will struggle to match demand and stimulus is due to be removed. So long as the economy stays open, it can ride these bumps. Shortages, most notably of microchips and space on container ships, have raised consumer-price inflation to 5.4%. Real wages have fallen over the past year as rising prices have eaten into workers’ purchasing power, and there are signs that inflation is beginning to trouble consumers. But during the pandemic households have built up $2.5trn of extra savings, equivalent to 12% of in 2019. In June a record-high number of Americans told Gallup, a pollster, that they themselves were thriving financially. It may be hard to lay your hands on a decently priced car, but so long as Americans venture out of their homes, the service sector can power the economy. The withdrawal of some forms of stimulus may even help. Service industries are short of workers.